My biggest sponsor (aka my sister) got me a phone holder for my birthday back in October, and I got to test it last month.

It's sped up a lot so that it's not super long. It's really neat to see it done very fast!

But if you're interested, I've also uploaded this one in real time. They're broken into two parts: inking & painting. If it's too boring, you can also just skip down to the last video which is sped up. :)



Every year in October many artists participate in an event/challenge called Inktober. I've done it for a few years now, and every time it stretches me in ways I didn't foresee. Although I wasn't able to do it every day of October, I decided to draw cute outfits I've seen on different Instagram accounts. 

It was so fun to do these and especially to practice using a dip pen & ink! You can see more of my Inktober sketches here.




Oh hey! It's been a while. That's my bad.

We moved to Northern Virginia at the end of the summer because of my husband's new job as a high school teacher. We're both so excited and happy to be living in the city of Arlington, so close to a big & beautiful city.

I've been busy nannying and doing art. A contract job I started in mid-October has been keeping me so busy that I had to close my Etsy shop. It was a huge bummer because that's my favorite "job." Hopefully next year I'll be able to keep it open for the holidays season! (And, um, updating my website more often as well..)




The state of Virginia can be very wimpy and helpless when it comes to snow, and I've been loving it! Schools get cancelled for days, and because I nanny for a mom who's a teacher, I get to stay home in my pjs all day every day. And that's awesome because I also work from home, and I was able to catch up on my two other jobs.

My desk. (p.s. This is the clean & organized version.)

My desk. (p.s. This is the clean & organized version.)

And not only that, I've also been able to do some non-work-related watercolor painting, which I've been obsessed with for a little more than a year now. And one of my favorite things to paint is cute little girls wearing cute little clothes doing cute little things.




So it was Valentine's recently, and I thought it'd be fun (despite Ethan's meh-ness) to make Valentine's cards for friends. This is my most recent self-portrait and a drawing of my Valentine. :)

My sister (who sees my art stuff before anyone else) liked them so much that she wanted to use them for treats she'd hand out at church. So I rearranged things a bit and sent her a digital file to print & cut. She did such an incredible job with them!

And to celebrate the birth of this website, here's a 15% off coupon code for my shop for FIVE people: FIRSTFIVE. It's good for the rest of this month, and  I'll delete it after five people have used it.



This is the beginning of a new adventure!

I've wanted to create my own website for a while, and I'm happy to finally have one. Here I'll post my finished works, work in progress, and sketches, as well as thoughts & ideas I might have about current and future projects. This blog is a continuation from my old blog which you can find here. The process of creating a website has been quite stressful and overwhelming (mostly because I'm crazy indecisive and feel the need to check every available options/tips/guides possible), and it will continue to grow and expand. 

I'd like to start my new blog with an excerpt from the last post of my old blog:

"[Last month] I celebrated the first anniversary of my Etsy shop. Last year when I opened it, it was with great anxiety, fear, and a very low expectation. I was hoping to get maybe 10 commissions. Much to my surprise, I had a very successful year and received over 100 orders! Every time I'm still so humbled, excited, and happy to work with new and old customers, and it makes me SO HAPPY to make them happy. 

As always, thank you so much for your support and being on this journey with me. I couldn't do this without you, and I'm especially grateful for those that are close to me who were there for me whenever I was feeling down, frustrated, scared, hesitant, doubtful, and just plain dumb. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU."

Thanks for reading!